JOFA TEKS has been working with great success for 17 years in the field of fabric trade on the European market and throughout the world. The company is based in the central part of Eastern Macedonia in the city of Shtip, also considered as a textile centre in Macedonia. Having over 5 million meter of inventory material at all times in our warehouse, together with the fast delivery, JOFA TEKS is a serious partner for textile materials supply in the region and throughout the world. Our aiming for successful surpassing obstacles, setting new goals and facing challenges places us one step ahead of others.

I design catalog 4-fold for JOFATEKS LTD  for fashion fabric

The warehouse of JOFA TEKS covers 3.000 meters square and additional 9.000 meters square in an open space. We have over 5 million meters of all types of fabric – our own selection, as well as standards types of fabric. The space is organized in such a manner which provides fast, efficient and effective professional delivery. Thus we save a lot of time in the delivery process solely on our well organization management and highly professional staff.

Jofateks LTD,Shtip,Macedonia

Year: 2013
Categories: Design,Catalog,four-fold

Creative Direction

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